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Your first contact with us might be via email or phone call, Andrew will talk with you about your requirements and then book an appointment to come and see you at your home and discuss the project further. Once we have surveyed the site and have a good understanding of what you require, we can prepare a detailed quotation and perhaps a CAD drawing to show how the gates will look.


Once the design is accepted, we will start work straight away, creating your new entry system, starting with the groundwork and cable installation, we will then install the posts and the motor- drive system, we normally use underground motors, they are both discreet and long-lasting. During this phase of the installation there may be some disruption and access might be difficult; Our team will always work around you as best they can and normally, we can agree to keep the driveway open when you need it to be open.

We then hang the gates and program the system and thoroughly test it before completion and hand-over.

Andrew will then meet with you to show you how your new automated gates system works and handover the keys and codes.Typically, installation will take place within 5-6 weeks from design to completion and most installations will be completed within one working week.

Cairns gates with pillars.JPG
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