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Q. Can you automate my existing gates?

A. Yes, in most cases we can. Provided the gate and the posts are structurally sound.


Q. Do I need planning permission for gates?

A. You may require planning permission or listed building consent, there are different rules in each county and we always advise clients to seek advice from their local planning office. We can help with planning applications by supplying drawings and guidance.


Q. How much would it cost to automate my gates?

A. Prices do vary widely dependant on various factors such as the distance from a 230V power supply, the level of control required i.e. would you require an intercom or automatic opening? A sensible budget to automate an existing pair of gates would start at around £3000  


Q. Can I open my gates using my phone?

A. Yes you can. we can integrate your mobile phones with the gates and even link Alexa to the gates.


Q. How long do automatic gates take to open?

A. About 14 seconds is average.


Q. Do you sell Sliding gates?

A. Yes we do. Sliding gates can be the best option for restricted driveways


Q. What's better, Steel or Hardwood gates?

A. Both are ideal for gates, Steel will last a very long time but Iroko hardwood offers a substantial level of security and privacy.

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